Monthly Archive: December 2011

Cut Government Not Social Security

Did you all know that the most profitable tax the United States has ever had is the social security tax.  So much so that in the 1990s President Clinton, with the help of an accounting loophole, borrowed Trillions of dollars of your Social Security money to help balance the budget and create artificial surpluses in those years.

Yet Congress is debating as the article is being written whether or not to extend payroll tax cuts for a few more months.  Social Security is broke because the Government took the surplus money from Social Security and now Congress is creating a smokescreen with payroll tax cut extensions.  Nothing could be leading Congress further away from the truth, in fact three truths to be exact:

What are these three truths?

  1. The United States Government has a legal and moral obligation to pay back the money it took from Social Security.
  2. Reducing the size of the Government would save Trillions allowing Social Security to regain full funding and good health.
  3. It will be almost impossible to kill a government agency because the closest thing to immortality we will ever experience is a government agency  ((Ronald Reagan).

I further speculate that wise politicians who see these three truths are keeping quiet because they don’t want to rock the boat of all the lobby groups and special interest groups who owe their existence to the government running full steam ahead burning a Trillion or so each year in deficit.

But what about a part-time government?  I believe that a part-time government with a full-time military might just be the answer to allowing Social Security to be available to all Americans for many years to come and at the same time dramatically reduce or even eliminate the annual deficit.

But even slowing down government rather than killing it is a lot harder than it looks.  To give you an idea of how hard this will be, ask yourself these questions:   Can you fire yourself? Can you terminate your own existence in the workplace?  If you can, perhaps you can write to your elected officials and the White House asking them to do the same.  Good luck.